Guess who’s coming to dinner?

About 310 million people, looking for three squares a day, 365 days a year.  Nearly a billion meals per day. And that´s just in the United States.

How do you feed so many people, year in, year out, providing them the quality and nutrition they need and the consistent availability they’ve come to expect, no matter where they live?

Let’s just say it’s a lot more complicated than you might think.

Ask people where their food comes from and most will say, ¨The supermarket.¨  And there´s nothing wrong with that.  In fact, it´s one of the miracles of modern American agriculture that so many people take it for granted they can simply go to the neighborhood market and choose from thousands of different food items, both fresh and processed, all year-round. 

But people have concerns about their food, too.  They want to know that it´s wholesome and nutritious.  They´re concerned that the technologies used to grow and raise food are safe and sustainable – healthy not just for the people who eat it but for the earth as well.  They want to be sure that animals raised for food production are treated humanely.

That´s why America´s farmers and ranchers have joined together to open a new dialogue with American consumers.  This website and this blog are key components of that initiative.  We´ll kick off the conversation with a Town Hall event on Sept 22 – live in Washington D.C.; New York; California; and the Midwest, and accessible on the Web to the entire world.  Farmers, ranchers, agronomists, veterinarians, food industry critics and consumers will all be welcome.

We don´t want this to be a one-time event. We hope the conversation will continue online at, on our Facebook page and via Twitter.

The goal is not to advance an agenda or to persuade you to any particular point of view.  We simply want to create a forum that, we hope, will result in all of us being better informed about issues that affect our lives, our health, our planet and our future.

To find out how you can attend or participate in the Food Dialogues Town Hall online, click here, and watch this space for more information. 

On behalf of America´s farmers and ranchers, we welcome you to the table and look forward to talking with you!