Since we are not a policy organization, we do not and cannot have an official opinion.  Each of our more than 50 affiliates and partners may have their own stance on this issue.  Our goal is to help facilitate discussion, highlight key issues and encourage farmers and ranchers to engage in conversation with consumers.  Many of the farmers who are members of our affiliates use biotech seeds and traits for good reasons like reducing the amount of water or pesticides they need to use on their crops.   Some farmers choose not to use biotech seeds for other reasons. 

We encourage more farmers and ranchers who have experience with using biotech seeds and traits to join in the conversation and it seems pretty one-sided right now.  Take a look at this story that ran on Bloomberg in June that tries to address questions objectively.  Also, included a month-long series of blog posts and asked several third-party experts and professors for their thoughts on biotech seeds.

Read more on what they think.