Consumers continue to have important questions and concerns about their food. They want to know “Is the food we’re eating healthy long-term?” and “Is the planet able to sustain the amount of food we’re producing?”. They also want to be sure our farmers and ranchers are feeding their own families the same food they’re growing and raising for Americans.

U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) kicked off The Food Dialogues with the Town Hall in September, and just as consumers are committed to continue asking complex questions about their food, our farmers and ranchers are equally committed to continue listening and addressing their concerns from their own personal perspective and experience. While the dialogue began with our Town Hall, we know open and honest conversations should be ongoing.

That’s one reason why we’re partnering with Discovery Communications to continue answering questions about how our food is grown and raised through a series of short, documentary-style videos. Our USFRA affiliates nominated several farmers and ranchers who truly embody the spirit of today’s agriculture and what we stand for. These farmers and ranchers are not actors – they’re real-life Americans who work hard every day to grow and raise food.

We know that it’s often at dinner tables that American families are asking tough questions and engaging in conversations with each other about food. And, there’s no better place than over food at the table to directly connect our farmers and ranchers with real-life moms and dads about their concerns and questions. Through this partnership, we’ve captured intimate conversations between farmers and ranchers and consumers about food, how it’s produced, how food production advances will sustain agriculture for years to come and how healthy choices are available to everyone – regardless of income or location.

More importantly, this is an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to not only share their personal stories but also to reaffirm their commitment to continually improving how they grow and raise our food.  Many consumers may not have direct experience with a farm or ranch and don’t understand why our farmers make the choices that they do. We hope these conversations will help answer some of those questions and provide a snapshot of who some of America’s farmers and ranchers really are.   

Take a look at our videos which are available on our website and currently airing across Discovery Communications’ networks (Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Science, Discovery Fit & Health and Planet Green) through December 25, 2011. We’ve also asked the farmers and ranchers featured in our videos some additional questions about their livelihoods in a fun and interesting Q&A. Be sure to check back on our website to read more.