Emily Webel gives us a glimpse into life on her grain and cow/calf operation on her blog Confessions of a Farm Wife, while sharing the joys of teaching her girls about farming. One of her recent blog posts talked about taking her kids to see an agricultural exhibit at a children’s museum. Check out what she has to say about the importance of encouraging farm visits by families and making sure young people get the whole story about farming.

Here’s an excerpt from her blog:

I’m All for Milk, But Where’s the Beef?

My beef with the lack of beef examples is not that I think that every aspect of farming should be represented, all the time. My girls need to know about dairy cattle just as much as the next kid. While this children's museum has one of the best agriculture displays around, my beef with it today was that is that all the moms (and a few dads) who brought their kids there were just getting a taste of agriculture, seeing the high points: combines, dairy cows and grain bins. Those are awesome, but we as farmers and advocates have to get out there and make agriculture kid-friendly and fun and do it well, and while places like this are a good place to start, they are just a start. Until farmers like us open our doors and ask kids and parents to come and see calves and corn and beans and semis and dirt and manure and electric fences (and learn not to touch them!!) and gravel roads, these kiddos will only know about 15% of the story.

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Emily Webel, wife and mother of four, writes Confessions of a Farm Wife, chronicling the surprises she's found living life on a working grain and livestock farm in Illinois. A former teacher, she uses her educational expertise to share the truth about food and farmers to consumers everywhere. You can read more about Emily's adventures at www.webelfamilyfarm.blogspot.com or find her on Facebook at Confessions of a Farm Wife.