Cattleman Ryan Goodman recently attended the Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville and learned about cattle feed efficiency. Take a look at what he learned and what he thinks about defining and measuring efficiency.

… I had the opportunity to attend a series of classes designated to inform and educate cattle producers and the associating community on the latest technologies in cattle production. The Cattlemen’s College covered a variety of topics ranging from Nutrition, Reproduction, and Ag Business Management. I took advantage of classes in Feed Efficiency and Reproduction. My mind usually logs material best when I share it with others, so I’ll take a few days to cover the topics as a part of my Cattle 101 series. Some of this information might be over the top for non-cattle producers (some of it got pretty in-depth), but hopefully we can all learn a little better appreciation for all of the knowledge and effort that goes into raising quality cattle.

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Ryan Goodman comes from an Arkansas cattle ranching family. Since growing up on a family cow/calf and stocker-calf operation, he has spent the last several years learning about production systems across the country. A graduate of Oklahoma State, Ryan recently moved to Tennessee to begin work on a Master’s degree. He works continuously to share his story of ranch life through community outreach and social media, all while encouraging others in agriculture to do the same. Ryan’s daily blog updates can be found at