Tweet moms hear how their food is grown and raised – from a farmer and rancher

Moms are clearly mindful about what they feed their families, and following March’s Tweet chat, it’s clear they want to hear from farmers and ranchers about how their food is grown and raised. Tweets flooded #FoodD last week as USFRA hosted an online Twitter event – aka a “Tweet Chat” or “Twitter Party” – for moms, farmers and ranchers. Jeff Fowler, a farmer and rancher, was on hand to answer questions and provided insights into how he grows and raises food on his farm in California.

Take a look at some of the key questions and responses moms have regarding how their food is grown and raised:

Question: What does it mean to you to understand where your food comes from?

Moms Respond:

  • Knowing how food is handled is peace of mind.
  • I want to know if my food has been genetically modified and how, so I can make an educated choice on whether I want to eat it.
  • It means knowing the source and what elements are present in my food due to feeding, preparing, etc.

Question: When it comes to the food your family eats, what are things you consider?

Moms Respond:

  • It’s that its healthy and good quality.
  • Health of self; health of earth.
  • Safety is a big one but so it the source of the food. Has it been treated with antibiotics? Pesticides? Was the animal healthy?

Question: How do you decide what’s suitable for your family when you grocery shop?

Mom’s Respond:

  • I look for organic and local food.
  • I try to buy more fresh than packaged.
  • Price is definitely a factor, but I will spend more on quality food.

Insights from Jeff on how food is grown and raised:

  • Ranching & farming is as much about finding balance as it is producing food. Enjoy seeing things in harmony.
  • We manage for our farming & ranching practices to benefit the environment & vice versa
  • I implicitly trust the hands growing our food in this country and 99% of the hands preparing it.
  • I have a great respect & appreciate for all production practices. I have neighbors who are organic.
  • On the farming side (for advancements), I’d like to see continued development of drought resistant crops…more H2O efficient.

If you’d like to view conversation from the Tweet chat, enter #FoodD. On our blog, we’ll continue to highlight those items important to moms and all consumers about how their food is grown and raised. If you missed the Tweet chat and have a question, please send an e-mail to and we’ll connect you with a farmer or rancher who can answer your questions. To follow us on Facebook, go to