USFRA Hosts Discussion in Chicago with Food Bloggers Last week, USFRA organized a breakfast discussion in Chicago at a local restaurant with 16 farmers and ranchers from around the country and six local food bloggers. There was no structured presentation, allowing bloggers to eat breakfast with actual farmers and ranchers in a casual setting. While at the table, discussions centered around farmers and ranchers family backgrounds and how their farms or ranches operate. Bloggers also had the opportunity to ask the farmers and rancher their questions.

Activities like these are an opportunity to open a dialogue between farmers, ranchers and consumers about how food is grown and raised. This doesn't mean everyone always agrees with each other, but we think a respectful, constructive conversation is the place to start finding common ground and solutions for providing healthy food choices for people everywhere.

Food bloggers received a complimentary breakfast and were offered a $100 gift card to a local grocery store for their time to attend the breakfast conversation.