U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance continues to move the dialogue forward between farmers and ranchers and key influencers and consumers, answering questions and bringing to light how food is grown and raised. On June 20-21, 2012, farmers and ranchers head to Los Angeles – the entertainment capital of the world – for the second Food Dialogues event. Four separate discussions – held over two days – will bring together entertainment movers and shakers, chefs, academics, large restaurant operators, journalists, local leaders, farmers and ranchers for an in-depth conversation about food.

At the fourth and final Food Dialogues panel – on Thursday, June 21, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. PDT – farmers, ranchers, chefs, and others will meet at Animal (restaurant) to discuss how food sourcing impacts how they grow, raise, buy and serve healthy choices for people everywhere.

“The REAL Chef Challenge: Understanding How Food is Grown and Raised” will address how connecting consumers and chefs to the farm is key to understanding how food is grown and raised. Each day, individuals across the food chain – from farmers and ranchers to grocers and chefs – play unique roles in delivering the food we eat. The expert panelists (including those outlined below) will address how these roles have changed given Americans’ appetite for more information and preferences about how their food is sourced.


  • Laura McIntosh • Host/Executive producer, Bringing it Home with Laura McIntosh view bio


  • Dr. Dave Daley • Associate Dean, College of Agriculture, Chico State University & Cattlemen
  •  Vinny Dotolo • Chef, Animal view bio
  • Ray Martin • VP Culinary Development, BJ's Restaurants, Inc.
  • Julie Maschhoff • VP of Public Policy and Public Relations view bio
  • Kristin Reese • Chef, farmer/rancher
  • Jon Shook • Chef, Animal view bio

Participate in this event by following along on Twitter @USFRA, using #FoodD or by sending us your questions for the panel to info@fooddialogues.com. Video from this discussion will be available later in the month on FoodDialogues.com. To view the lineup for all four panel discussions, visit: http://www.fooddialogues.com/la-event