Consumers these days are asking important questions about their food and a whole gamut of people seem to be answering them, or at least trying to. But in all the noise out there about production methods, sustainable practices and animal welfare, an important voice is missing from the conversation – the voice of those who grow and raise our food. The questions might be tough, but they deserve answers – answers from the experts. And if the experts aren’t answering them, who is?

That’s why now – more than ever – farmers and ranchers need to speak up and share their stories straight from their farms and answer the questions consumers are asking. While most might feel more at home in a tractor or milking parlor than on YouTube or in front of a TV camera, it’s important for America to hear from these experts who call a farm or ranch home. It’s an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to be in front of the conversation instead of behind the myth. Consumers know they’re the experts and its time they hear their stories.

At the end of the day, farmers are proud of what they do. What better way to highlight that than to bring them to the forefront of the conversation and into the spotlight. USFRA’s Faces of Farming and Ranching will celebrate their passion and the work they and other farmers and ranchers do to grow food for people across the nation.

America’s farmers and ranchers – enter today – and put a real face, an expert voice and even a "heart" on agriculture.  In mid-November, farmers, ranchers and consumers can vote online for the finalists at It's easy to enter.

Please see below for a sample video!