Each day millions of consumers are searching online about their food – is it safe? How was it raised? How was it grown? Does it have hormones?

This week, USFRA releases FoodSource, giving consumers the opportunity to learn more about how food is grown and raised by compiling information from third party experts – including researchers and scientists at leading universities – into one easy-to-navigate website. 

The site currently features nine topics related to food production, all aggregated in one online destination for the first time. These topics include: antibiotic use in farm animals, biotechnology in seeds, hormone use in farm animals, pesticide use, water quality, farm size and ownership, available food choices, food safety and animal care. 

USFRA’s FoodSource, available at fooddialogues.com/foodsource, is a one-stop, online destination for information on topics that are often questioned by consumers and influencers. Likewise, the site allows consumers to submit questions to get information on additional topics. And above all FoodSource provides consumers with real information to real questions and concerns – while providing farmers and ranchers a voice.