On Wednesday, we host a panel discussion about transparency and food – specifically the information consumers are looking for when making food-purchasing decisions. Today, more than ever, the farming and ranching industry talks about transparency and the need to create more of it.

Transparency has becoming increasingly important when it comes to food production. People want to know more about how their food was grown and raised, and they have questions. Those questions, rightly deserve answers.

The technologies used today in agriculture have been adopted so quickly by farmers and ranchers that, somewhere along the way, few took the time to tell consumers about these exciting advancements. Even more so, today’s consumers are three generations removed from the farm – and a great deal has changed.

On the other side, technology advancements across the board have made today’s world viral and available for anyone’s eyes. Videos with bad actors have created a great deal of distrust. Mistruths and misinformation online about technologies like biotechnology (GMO), antibiotic use on farms and ranches and sustainability of today’s farming practices have only increased consumer questions and distrust.

That’s why we want to not only answer consumer’s questions – and provide farmers and ranchers an outlet to share their expertise and knowledge – we also want to host panel discussions to bring some of today’s toughest questions and concerns to the forefront.

In the past, we’ve hosted panel discussions on biotechnology and antibiotic use on farms and ranchers. This round, we want to share information on transparency – what consumers are looking for, how farmers and ranchers are providing transparency and information from field experts who’ve done the research on today’s tough topics.

Make sure to follow the panel discussion on FoodDialogues.com at 10 a.m. on June 19 as we stream live from the event in Chicago. You can submit questions for our panelists, here

Here’s what some of our Facebook followers said about transparency:

Ashley : Transparency is all about creating truths from all aspects of farming as well as consumers having a clear mind when hearing all sides. I think farmers need to be the ones explaining new technologies and practices we use rather than the media twisting things up. This is why this page exists as well as many other blogs out there.

Valerie: I am not a farmer/rancher, but I heard a speaker a year or 2 ago that nailed it for me. If anything you are doing were to come to light through somehow, what would happen to your business? In today's world, secrets are very hard to keep. Be transparent before you are made transparent. Being made transparent by someone else is rarely good for you. I try to carry this with me throughout my work and business life, and even personal life.

Melissa: I think what they mean by transparency is the ability to see and understand for yourself. Honesty is certainly a part of transparency, but transparency takes honesty a step further