This Thursday, September 19, The Food Dialogues: Missouri will take place in collaboration with Missouri Farmers Care. The Missouri event, moderated by Wake Up Columbia’s Radio Talk Show Host, Tom Bradley, will feature two separate discussions focused on animal welfare and the need for both conventional and organic agriculture to coexist.

  • “Animal Welfare: Beyond the Hype” will target livestock handling and issues that have arisen in recent years.
  • “Hi-tech or Low-Tech: Can't We All Just Get Along?” will focus on the need of conventional and organic agriculture to work together to meet consumer demands.

This event will bring some of today’s toughest questions in agriculture to the forefront, giving farmers and ranchers the chance to share their stories and address the questions that matter to consumers most.

The panel discussions will stream live at starting at 1 p.m. CDT. Help drive the conversation by submitting your questions at

You can also follow the discussion on Twitter from @USFRA and join the conversation using #FoodD. Share this information with your social media followers, and urge them to join the conversation, too!

To learn more about the event and the panelist lineup, visit

For more information on The Food Dialogues: Missouri sponsors check out Missouri Farmers Care on Facebook. Missouri Farmers Care is also on Twitter at @MOFarmersCare.