This Thursday, September 19, The Food Dialogues: North Carolina will take place at 11 a.m. EDT, in collaboration with the North Carolina Animal Agriculture Coalition. Aiming to reconnect the people of North Carolina with the foods they eat and the farmers that feed them, this event will feature two panel-based discussions to address questions related to what’s on our plates and how our food is grown and raised.

Local radio personality Lynda Loveland will lead the discussion among our panel of experts:

  • “What's On My Plate?” will discuss the importance of consumer choice in the marketplace including organic and conventionally grown foods, and the use of science and biotechnology in food production.
  • “Who is My Farmer?” will focus on farming in North Carolina, why many farms look and operate much differently than they did just 30 years ago, and the complexity of the food production process.

This event will bring some of today’s toughest questions and concerns about consumer choice and farming to the forefront, giving farmers and ranchers the chance to share their stories and address the questions that matter to consumers most.