On Thursday, Oct. 24, we’re hosting a panel discussion that explores the question, “Does farm size really matter?” Today, there are many factors that influence food-purchasing decisions, including the methods and size of today’s farms and ranches.

Increasingly, consumers are hearing they should be concerned about the size of farms. More and more, we’re hearing the terms “factory farms” and “industrial farming” when discussing food production. There’s a need to explain the similarities and differences between large and small farms and dispel some of the myths that are tied to each.

Pop culture and media have painted a picture of today’s farms that impacts the way consumers view current farming practices. We’re led to believe only a specific size of farm is “good.” Thus, we want to have an open discussion about how large and small farms are being run today, and address consumers’ toughest questions about food production head-on.

Make sure to tune into the panel discussion on FoodDialogues.com at 1 p.m. EDT on October 24 as we stream live from the event in Boston. You can submit questions for our panelists, hereTo view previous Food Dialogues panel discussions: