Today is a big day for the agricultural community. We celebrate National Ag Day. It’s a moment in time when farmers, ranchers, organizations and agribusinesses join together in Washington, D.C. to celebrate their passion for growing and raising food.

Ideally, it’s also a day to share agricultural expertise with consumers.

Today, USFRA hosts a panel to discuss the next generation of farmers and ranchers. As many know, the average age of a farmer is more than 55. The next generation of farmers and ranchers is pivotal to not only this country, but the world.

Much about agriculture has changed through the years. Technology is the norm for modern farming. Tractors need software updates before you can even get in the field. Diversity in farming, too, has increased. New farmers entering the agricultural sector have found unique niche markets, allowing their dreams of farming to come true.

In the spirit of National Ag Day…

  • We urge consumers to reach out to a farmer or rancher. Get to know them, ask them questions about how they grow and raise food.
  • We urge farmers and ranchers to share their knowledge with consumers.

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