Carla Wardin, a member of the second class of Faces of Farming & Ranching, is a dairy farmer from Michigan. Like Erin Brenneman, Darrell Glaser and Jay Hill, she’s committed to answering America’s questions about where our food comes from.  

Carla and her husband Kris are the owners of Evergreen Dairy. They recently expanded their herd and now milk 400 cows. They also grow crops to feed their cattle on 850 acres of corn, alfalfa, and pasture.  Carla blogs about the farm, goes into schools to teach about farming, and enjoys giving tours. The couple has three sons - 7-year-old twins and a 3-year-old. 

What are you going to share about working on a farm?
There are so many people who have never had the chance to meet a real farmer, let alone have a conversation with one. I'm really excited to share my perspective with consumers - and get theirs, too. Whether we're talking about modern farms, food, or current agricultural events, I'm eager to engage people from all over the country.   

How can you help people get a better understanding of where their food comes from?
When I tell people about our farm, they often share their farm experience with me – like about relatives who farm or a past visit.  It's natural for people to want to have a connection to their food source. Since we're putting a “face” on farming, I want people to feel connected to us, too.  In the most basic sense, when people have farming questions, I want them to turn to us instead of their search engines. 

You’re different than who most people think of as a farmer. What’s your background?
I'm most looking forward to challenging the farming stereotypes.  My husband and I graduated from Michigan State University, worked in marketing, and moved around the country. When we decided to farm six years later, people were very surprised that we changed to a job where you depended on the weather, dealt with everything from machines to animals, and worked weekends.  But it's a great lifestyle for us and our kids, it's a great business, and not only that - we love it. I love talking with people about today's modern farms and farm families, and I'm so glad I have the opportunity. 

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