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Events for Affiliates & Partners

November 12, 2014
New York, NY
USFRA held a Food Dialogues style panel with a moderator in conversation with farmers and ranchers entitled “Big Ag, Big Food: How Being Good for the...
September 18, 2014
Austin, TX
Food experts will piece the puzzle together, taking an in-depth look at Texas agriculture and answering the tough questions about diverse food...
August 21, 2014


Conversations about how food is grown and raised are happening. But, over the years, the voices of farmers and ranchers have been less than adequately represented in the conversation about food production. Engaging in a conversation about food production – rather than defending food production – helps farmers and ranchers understand what consumers want, and helps consumers learn more about how food is produced from the people who actually grow and raise it. 

By listening to their questions, engaging in conversation and talking about how we continually improve what we do on our farms and ranches, we learn from each other’s Opinion. In the end, we all have a vested interest in food. USFRA offers specialized training sessions – called Conversation with E.A.S.E. trainings – designed to help those who produce food lead productive conversations with those who may have questions and concerns about food production. For more information on how to participate in the USFRA’s Conversation training program, contact us at