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American Agriculture Stood Together at Only Organic Twitter Party


Recently, American agriculture reached a seminal moment online: WE ALL STOOD TOGETHER. Big, small, organic and conventional farmers – it didn’t matter. We worked in unison, side by side, in the face of blatant mistruths about our food supply. Together, we shared our stories and did what we do best: explained transparently what it is that we do and how it is that we do it, all in the hopes of helping consumers feel better and better understand how we grow and raise their food.

The farmers who participated in the Only Organic Twitter Party used the opportunity to share their stories and correct misinformation. Imagine if more farmers and ranchers – conventional and organic – worked together to share their stories about what happens on their farms and ranches? Consumers want information – and we have answers. When agriculture joins forces to have a real conversation about where our food comes from, the ultimate winner is the consumer.

And THAT’S something we can all be proud of!