Are Hormones In Our Food Creating Health Problems Like Early Puberty?

Our own bodies make hormones on a daily basis, and we’d be dead without them. We consume all kinds of hormones in the foods we eat, organic or otherwise; even strict vegetarians ingest hormone-laced plant foods. Hormones occur naturally in many foods ranging from animal products to plants.

The FDA and numerous scientific panels have studied the impact of using supplemental growth hormones in farm animals and found there is no effect on human health.

In addition, residue from growth hormones in our food is extremely minimal. One example cited by Dan Thompson, DVM, PhD, Beef Cattle Institute, said that the difference in estrogen levels in an eight ounce steak from a steer that did not use growth hormones is two nanograms versus an eight ounce steak from a steer that did use growth hormones is three nanograms. That is equivalent to a blade of grass on a football field.