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How Pig Farmers Raise and Care for their Pigs

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Have you ever set foot onto a farm or ranch? Many people never have. Visiting a farm and/or ranch, you will come to realize the love, passion and dedication farmers have for their animals. It’s often indescribable, and many consumers don’t get to see it. Erin Brenneman, a pig farmer from Iowa, and Thomas Titus, a pig farmer from Illinois, open up the doors to take viewers through what it’s like caring for pigs on the farm, specifically starting on day one.

“Every farm is different, but each and every pig farmer has the same goal: to raise a healthy and nutritious product,” Thomas says.

Throughout this video, you will see the care and cleanliness that farmers provide throughout the pigs’ lives. Brenneman Pork specializes in day-one care of pigs – and that environment is so carefully managed, it resembles a hospital.

When visiting the farm, our crew had to go through an in-depth process to just enter the day-one facility. They had to shower going in and out, wipe down camera equipment with disinfectant, and wear outfits to prevent them from bringing in anything from the outside. The barns have hospital-like ventilation systems to ensure clean air, as well as climate control systems to maintain a comfortable temperature for the pigs.

“When they [consumers] are seeking out a humanely raised product or humanely raised pork, I would say that all pork is humanely raised. Keeping our animals healthy and keeping them well is our goal and what we strive to do on a daily basis,” Thomas adds.

“A big responsibility as farmers is to share what we do on our farms because there are lot of questions about food, and a lot of marketing and labels. Thomas and I are really passionate about being the source for questions about farming. We are farmers. It’s important to answer questions about how their [consumer’s] food is grown and raised,” Erin says.

Erin Brenneman and Thomas Titus are two of USFRA’s Faces of Farming & Ranching, and they partnered with Food52 to continue sharing their stories.

This video is part of a series that USFRA created in partnership with Food52. We traveled across the U.S. to take an inside look into a variety of farms and ranches to bring answers to the many questions consumers have about the food we eat and how it’s grown and raised.

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