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A Tour of the Milking Process

I love giving people tours of our farm!  But since you can’t all come to Michigan, here’s the milking process, which is how the milk,…
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Food Dialogues: Dairy Forum Recap – It’s about Character

At Food Dialogues: Dairy Forum, Mike Reidy (senior vice president, corporate affairs, Leprino Foods Company) said, “character is what you do when no one is…
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Dr. Oz’s Enlist Experts . . . Debunked

I think I’ll start a blog series titled Dr. Oz . . . Debunked, because TV’s infamous doctor is at it again, prescribing fear over fact…
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The Food Knowledge Gap

This last week I heard someone talking about a recent hospital visit a family member had.  A nurse, who was providing care for the person,…
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Farming Differences – It’s OK to be Different!

In the last two weeks I have had a couple of my farming friends contact me about some issues in agriculture.  The issues have been…
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Taking My Farm Story to New York City

Last week I had an amazing opportunity, I went to New York City to meet with journalists and bloggers.  The point of our visit was…
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Ag Lessons Learned from Text Books

Last week my daughter brought one of her text books home, not to study, but to show me something she found troubling. It was a…
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Letter From a Concerned Consumer

Check out this blog post about a consumer’s questions on how food is grown and raised. Dear Farmer, As a loyal customer, I am grateful…
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Finally: Farmers Reaching Out to Worried Consumers

When Bob Stallman’s daughter called him a month ago to ask him if drinking milk would be bad for her kids, he knew farmers had…
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