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3 Major Misperceptions About Organic And Conventional Food

There is very little that distinguishes organic food from conventional food. In an attempt to follow the pervasive “good food vs. bad food” storyline, many people…
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Why I Grow GE Crops

If there is anything that farmers can agree on it is the fact that farming practices have changed. Farmers are doing a much better job…
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Perception Vs. Reality: Debunking the Myths of Factory Farming

After visiting approximately 50 farms in the last few years, I can reassure you that farming has taken on a whole new meaning for me.…
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A Veterinarian's Role on Our Farm

As I drove to our veterinarian's house through the mountains recently, I started thinking back on the past seven plus years of working together with…
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Who Are the Farm-To-Table Farmers?

We all love good food, and for many, the local food movement is the hottest trend right now. The farm-to-table movement promotes food purchases directly…
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Big Ag Equals Family

The romanticized view of a family farm or ranch is a small acreage, a menagerie of farm animals and a large garden with abundant produce…
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Why I’m not afraid of "Big Ag"

Growing up in Nebraska, I have been surrounded by agriculture my whole life. In fact, my grandparents owned a farm many years ago and as…
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Try These Farmer Recipes This Holiday Season

Still on the lookout for crowd pleasing holiday recipes? Who better to let us in on recipe secrets than the farmers and ranchers behind our…
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The Millennial Beef Farmer

What does the future of farming look like to a millennial farmer? While the average age of a farmer is 58-years-old, what would entice a…
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