U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance® (USFRA®) is looking for the new Faces of Farming & Ranching!  Farmers and ranchers who grow and raise an assortment of foods through various methods, on differing scale and across all regions of the country, are encouraged to apply. Complete the application entry form below, and submit a video no longer than three minutes that shows your operation and your role on the farm/ranch.  Entries will be accepted beginning on Monday, June 6 at 12:01 a.m. CT until Sunday, July 10, 2016 at 11:59:59 CT.  

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What defines a smart farm? Using the latest technology advances to become faster, more efficient, more nimble and more equipped to protect our planet’s resources while still growing and producing the world’s very best food supply. How have you incorporated science and technology to help build a smarter version of the American farm? (200 words or less)
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Include links to your Facebook and Instagram pages (if applicable) as well as blogs. Please also provide your Twitter handle.
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Antibiotics use
Pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer use
Animal welfare issues
Hormones & growth tools
Farm size and ownership
Food choices
Organic farming
Urban farming
CSA farming
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Please provide TWO references (with contact information) who are willing to validate and speak to your background and strengths. (Non-family members only) 

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The $15,000 stipend is intended to help defray costs while away.
Video Entries*
Please share a YouTube link that is no longer than three minutes and shows you describing your operation, how you’ve adapted to being a smart farm, and why you think you would be an ideal Face of Farming & Ranching for USFRA. The video does not have to be professionally produced – we’re looking for authenticity and compelling storytelling. In fact, you can use the questions above to serve as a guide for what you might want to talk about in the video. Questions about this? Email us at Faces@FoodDialogues.com.
If you're experiencing technical difficulties sending us your video, please let us know here, or send us an email at faces@fooddialogues.com and we will have a representative get in touch with you.