Your investment will support USFRA’s mission

Thanks to the generous and ongoing support of our 90 Affiliates and Industry Partners, USFRA has been able to accomplish a number of key initiatives over the past two years. Contributions to USFRA will help promote today’s agriculture amongst a wide variety of consumers and influencers.

If you would like additional information about participating in the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance, please contact us at or call 636-449-5086.


Different types of organizations can support USFRA on a variety of levels. Organizations that support USFRA are divided into two categories, but all have one goal in mind for USFRA: to enhance consumer trust and confidence in the U.S. food production system by making sure farmer and rancher voices are part of the conversation about food.

  • Affiliates – These organizations are farmer- and rancher-led nonprofit organizations.
  • Industry Partners – These organizations are agribusinesses that are committed to supporting farmers’ and ranchers’ future by supporting USFRA’s mission.


Individuals are encouraged to support the efforts of USFRA to build consumer trust and confidence in today’s agriculture. Your contributions will be used to promote the value of today’s agriculture amongst a wide variety of consumer influencers and opinion leaders. These influencers include media, restaurant operators, food manufacturers and chefs.