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Dear Rachael Ray


Sarah Hubbart, the communications director for the Animal Agricultural Alliance ( shared a letter about a recent Rachael Ray appearance on The View. During the segment, Rachael provided viewers with some misinformation about food safety. The following is an excerpt from Sarah’s post on Meating Place – to read the remainder of the letter to Rachael Ray follow the link here on

Dear Rachael Ray,

First off, let me just say that I am a big fan of yours from way back. I have to admit that I often find myself watching your 30 Minute Meals at the gym. (Maybe it’s just me, but the Food Network is my first choice while on the treadmill.)

So, I was understandably shocked by some of the food safety “tips” that you offered during the June 6 episode of The View. You were on the show promoting your new burger cookbook, but some of the food handling advice that you gave was more than a little troubling.

Whoopi Goldberg was just about to bite into one of your new Cuban Patty Melts (which look fabulous, by the way), when she asked if it is okay to eat burgers with a red center. The patty melt looked rather pink, and Whoopi was concerned if it could make her sick.

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