Discovering Farmland

The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance® (USFRA) and Discovery Education have partnered for an exciting initiative to engage urban youth with a first-hand glimpse into modern agriculture. Using the award-winning documentary, “FARMLAND, a film by James Moll,” virtual experiences and video content as a foundation, this multi-modal curriculum brings to life critical issues impacting the agriculture industry, such as sustainability, the new science behind farming, and entrepreneurship. The curriculum includes free downloadable, standards aligned lesson plans, a digital exploration and virtual experiences all with accompanying activities. These turnkey tools are designed to engage students as they explore modern agriculture in the classroom.

Click here to access Discovering Farmland.

Free Teacher Awareness Program

USFRA is teaming up with various state organizations to launch a program that would create an opportunity for teachers and students to learn about the modern technologies used to grow and raise food.

The program, created for high school science and social studies classes, will support and promote the Discovering Farmland curriculum. To drive student engagement, the program incorporates two companion activities for 360-degree videos of a hog farm and explores aspects of animal care and sustainable food production. The program also encourages farmers to be present during the lessons to provide perspective on how agriculture is continually evolving and to answer students’ questions.

If you are a teacher in Wisconsin we are offering a free toolkit, complete with lesson plans, virtual reality viewers, interactive tools and more. Fill out the form below to receive your toolkit.

Also, this program is offering high school teachers in Sacramento, CA and Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN a chance sign up for a free farm or agricultural facility tour. Teachers will have the opportunity to speak directly with a farmer, ask questions and learn more about our new agricultural curriculum available to high school educators.

Additionally, each attendee will receive a teaching toolkit, including: a brand-new iPod touch, virtual reality headset and teacher resources. There is no cost for participation and the curriculum tools are free.

  • If educators in the Greater Minneapolis area area are interested in participating on Aug. 29, click here to register.
  • If educators in the Greater Sacramento area are interested in participating on Aug. 31, click here to register.