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For farmers, every day is earth day. For a farm to be successful, farmers must ensure the health of their land, animals and ecosystem.

Efficient modern farming practices have become a science. With advancements in GMOs and the proliferation of GPS technology on tractors and other equipment, farmers have been able to reduce crop inputs like pesticides, and apply them more precisely only when and where they’re needed.

Also, today’s farm animals live healthier lives than ever before. Farmers and ranchers have virtually eliminated many former common causes of human foodborne illnesses. For example, pigs raised indoors, a practice that sometimes elevates concerns, has greatly improved safety for the animals, the farmers who raise them and the end consumer. Bottom line: animal welfare is the best it has ever been.

Animal agriculture plays a key role in sustainability improvement. Farmers recycle manure to provide their soil with essential nutrients and aid with soil fertility. In turn, farmers can grow the feed they use to nourish their animals.

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For more information from the Animal Agriculture Alliance, click here.

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For Earth Day, Iowa farmer Wayne Fredericks shows how he protects the local habitat and cultivates soil health. Videos of his farm are below.

How are today’s farmers
protecting habitat and wildlife?
How are farmers protecting their soil?


To get a deeper look into the lives of farm animals, we created a 360° video experiences. Step into a farm without ever leaving your home.

Sow Farrowing in 360

Pig Barn Technology in 360


For more information, straight from the farmers, our Smithsonian appearances offers an in-depth look at modern farming practices:

USFRA has a series of other videos that allow you to see first hand how farmers care for their animals, and how animals thrive on a variety of farms: