The discussions happening around the use of biotech seeds are important ones; there are many facts and viewpoints to consider. USFRA believes that this article is missing a key viewpoint – those of America’s farmers and ranchers.  It directly claims that foods grown from biotech seeds are unhealthy, a point that many experts dispute but that is repeatedly in the media and promoted by many interest groups.

Consumers benefit from hearing all viewpoints and those of farmers and ranchers are no more, or less, important.  Share your experiences and stories related to biotech seeds by posting a response in this article’s comment section, found here.  The voices and experiences of farmers and ranchers need to be added to this discussion to provide a more accurate and balanced picture. 

Here is one example of information that may be valuable to Americans:

If you are a farmer or rancher, please raise your voice and share your experiences with biotech seeds. The buttons below will help you share this with others via Twitter, Facebook and email.  

It's Been Said: 

A recent piece posted on The Atlantic’s website discusses biotech seeds and crops and the “very real danger” of their use.  The author includes quotes from an agriculture company’s website, but provides little context around them.

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