American farmers produce the safest food in the world. Additionally, our farmers only support sound, peer reviewed science and wonder if – based on the limitations of this study – this is just one more example of not telling the whole story. Is this just another attempt by a group trying to push their non-meat-eating agendas on consumers? According to the National Chicken Council,  

“These findings, not a ‘peer reviewed’ study, are another misleading attempt by a pseudo-medical group to “scare consumers in hopes of advancing their goal of a vegan society and to derail a USDA proposed rule to modernize the poultry inspection system.”

The National Chicken Council says it’s impossible to pinpoint the source of E. Coli and assures that proper measures are in place during processing – free from fecal matter – which the president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine states as the source of the problem. All E. Coli, no matter the source, is killed when cooked to the proper temperature and consumers should follow those guidelines regardless.

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On April 11, The New York Times ran an article stating 48% of chicken in a small sampling had E. Coli. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a nonprofit group that advocates a vegetarian diet, looked at 140 samples from 10 major cities. Was this just another attempt to scare consumers?

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