Why are some animals raised outdoors and others indoors?

When it comes to housing, farmers and ranchers have a choice. Their decisions to use indoor or outdoor housing are impacted by many factors, from the animal’s needs, resources available, to climate and consumer preference. Some farmers and ranchers choose indoor housing to protect their animals from diseases, inclement weather and even predators. Additionally, many barns today have highly technical ventilation systems that keep them cool during the hot summer months and warm in the winter, thus providing animals with the utmost comfort. Others raise their animals outdoors in order to control insects or to add organic matter back to the soil. There are options for housing, diet and management practices when raising animals for food. USFRA supports the choice that each farmer and rancher makes to raise their animals in the best way, based on their farm or ranch and resources available. Animal care is a continuously improving process, and farmers and ranchers look for new ways to improve the methods they use to care for their animals.