What kind of oversight is in place for antibiotic use in farm animals used for food?

Farmers, ranchers and veterinarians have an ethical responsibility to ensure the proper use of antibiotics on their farms and ranches. The oversight of a veterinarian for all uses of medically important antibiotics is part of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Guidance 209, as well as part of farmers’ routine practice through quality-assurance programs. Antibiotics not medically important to humans will continue to be available over the counter for animals use.

  • Antibiotics important to human medicine used for growth purposes in food animals are being phased out within three to four years in accordance with the FDA Guidances 209 and 213 (FDA). Farmers, ranchers and veterinarians are legally and ethically obligated to follow the FDA's requirements for the use of antibiotics on the farm.
  • Additionally, the FDA has a rigorous approval process for antibiotics labeled for use in animals raised for food. The FDA has been active in monitoring farm animal use of antibiotics and adjusting regulations accordingly.


USFRA Point of View

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