What other solutions for mitigating antibiotic resistance is the industry using?

Antibiotic resistance is a serious public health threat. Animal health companies, farmers, ranchers and veterinarians are continuously focused on identifying solutions to mitigate antibiotic resistance, as well as on implementing a “systems” or holistic approach to animal health. Antibiotics are only one tool in a total animal health plan that includes proper nutrition, clean water, proper air ventilation, temperature management, animal housing maintenance and animal care. Vaccination will also be key – used at the right time and on the right organisms; as well as heightened biosecurity measures, such as reducing the amount of pathogens that live where these animals live.

USFRA Point of View

The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) is committed to answering questions about how food is grown and raised. This includes addressing questions about antibiotic use on farms and ranches and concerns about antibiotic resistance in humans. We, too, are concerned about if or how the use of... Read more