How many American farms are family-run?

In America, the vast majority of farms and ranches – large and small – are family-owned and operated.

According to the USDA 2012 Census of Agriculture, 97 percent of farms are family farms. The Atlantic also recently reported that for farms with $1 million or more in gross revenues, 88 percent are family farms. While some farms and ranches have been deemed corporations, the title has little to do with the makeup of the farm or ranch. Rather, forming a corporation is a standard business practice across all sectors of the economy. It not only assists with accounting, but it also protects a family’s interests.,_Chapter_1_US/usv1.pdf

USFRA Point of View

In order for agriculture to provide healthy choices for all Americans, as well as people around the world, we need all types of farms and ranches – big and small, organic and conventional, rural and urban. Only when farmers and ranchers collectively respond to the marketplace, sharing best... Read more