What is the role of associations like National Pork Producers and International Dairy Foods Association?

There are many organizations that help support farms and ranches in local areas all over the U.S. They range from ones that support farm and ranch business management, to ones that help provide the best ideas and techniques for different farms and ranches.

The role of associations, such as the National Pork Producers Council or the International Dairy Foods Association, are to support all farms and ranches.

The National Pork Producers Council works on behalf of its affiliated states to enhance opportunities for U.S. pork producers and stakeholders. The council serves as an advocate for pork producers in legislative and regulatory matters. The International Dairy Foods Association does not focus on farms and ranches specifically, but it represents and is made up of different dairy manufacturers, marketing industries and suppliers.

Read more about NPPC here: http://www.nppc.org/about-us/

Read more about IDFA here: http://www.idfa.org/about-idfa

USFRA Point of View

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