Are GMOs restricted in other countries?

The EU has not banned genetically modified crops, contrary to what many believe. Rather, they review traits on a gene-by-gene basis. The EU has an intense review process that some experts say is not always based on scientific research. According to a May 2012 posting on, "In practice, however, the decision whether or not to approve a particular GMO is not solely a scientific issue. Several member states vote, in principle, against approval, irrespective of the scientific opinion delivered by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). In recognition of this dead-lock, the European Commission (EC) has suggested that individual member states should have the right to restrict cultivation of a given GM crop even if there are no scientifically established risks, that is, to adopt restrictions on the basis of socio-economical or ethical grounds."

USFRA Point of View

USFRA supports farmers’ choices to plant and grow conventional crops, GM crops, organic crops or a combination. Similarly, USFRA supports consumers’ choices to purchase foods they prefer. Many of our farmers plant GM seeds for reasons such as protecting their crops from adverse weather. Some of our... Read more