Which foods are GMOs?

Ten crops – corn, soybeans, cotton, canola, alfalfa, sugar beets, papaya, potatoes, apples and squash – are available from GM seeds for commercial use in the U.S. These crops have been developed primarily for herbicide tolerance and insect and disease resistance; helping farmers to maintain yield while reducing the level of inputs needed and protecting the environment. A few of the above mentioned crops are credited with saving specific crops from disease.

Produce items are often mistaken for being GMO, including things like pluots and different colored carrots, but these were developed through other breeding techniques.  

USFRA Point of View

USFRA supports farmers’ choices to plant and grow conventional crops, GM crops, organic crops or a combination. Similarly, USFRA supports consumers’ choices to purchase foods they prefer. Many of our farmers plant GM seeds for reasons such as protecting their crops from adverse weather. Some of our... Read more