Is it safe to give animals beta-agonists (beta agonists), as a feed ingredient?

Yes. When animal health products are approved, multiple variables are fully evaluated, including safety to the animal, safety to the environment and safety to the food supply. Hundreds of studies have affirmed the safety of these feed ingredients for humans, animals and the environment. Because all members of the agriculture community are responsible for, and committed to, animal welfare, these products are monitored on continuous basis to ensure they are working effectively. One animal health company recently committed to conducting additional animal welfare studies, as well as convening an animal health advisory board to answer questions and ensure safety and correct use of their product.

Just like with human medicines or vitamin and mineral supplements, it is important to take the recommended amount at the right time. As with any technology, farmers and ranchers should always follow directions on the label. That’s why there are training programs in place to make sure label procedures are followed and only proper amounts are added to the animal’s feed at a specific time in their lives.

USFRA Point of View

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