Are herbicides contributing to Super Weeds?

Research is underway to determine the cause of super weeds. There are several hypotheses regarding the development of super weeds. Most recently, researchers looked at soil microbes as a cause for super weeds when it comes to resistance to glyphosate. To date, the cause cannot be determined, but researchers are evaluating this issue. Farmers, especially in the southern-growing regions, have encountered increased challenges due to weeds in their fields.

Additionally, farmers employ management practices to reduce the chance or slow the movement of super weeds. They rotate crops from year to year. They also use multiple modes of action, which means farmers use several different types of herbicides to avoid or reduce the chance of creating weed resistance.

USFRA Point of View

Insects, weeds and plant diseases are serious threats that can devastate crops. Throughout history, farmers have found ways to manage these threats or see their livelihood – and a lot of food – destroyed. Each year farmers face tough management decisions, especially when it comes to the best route... Read more