How much water does it take to farm?

Farm water use depends on a variety of factors including the type of crop, the type of soil, the area climate and the form of irrigation. Increasingly, farmers are using new technologies and techniques to improve when and how they water their crops for most efficient water use.

An important aspect of water use is soil management and how a farm is laid out. Many farmers perform conservation tillage or other processes to ensure their soil absorbs and conserves the most water for the crop.

The type of crop, also effects the amount of water use, as some plants need more water than others. Innovations in seed breeding is allowing farmers to plant crops that require less water than before. Picking the right crop is important for each farmer, as each crop’s water needs vary.

USFRA Point of View

Focus on Improvement USFRA farmer and rancher affiliates – and our industry partners – understand the importance of reducing agriculture’s impact on water. Over the past few decades, farmers and ranchers have continuously worked to find innovative solutions to improve their impact on water. An... Read more