Thomas Titus, a member of the second class of Faces of Farming & Ranching, is a pig farmer from Illinois. Like Erin Brenneman, Darrell Glaser, Jay Hill, and Carla Wardin, he’s committed to answering America’s questions about where our food comes from. 

Over the last 52 years, Thomas’ 240-acre farmstead has grown to support four families, three full-time employee families and two part-time employees. Thomas primarily manages the operation of Tri Pork, where they market 12,000 pigs annually. With roots in 4-H, Future Farmers of America and youth development, they have 50 sows for show pig production, sale and exhibition. This allows their children to learn the joys of showing livestock and helps them develop character-building values.

What are you looking forward to doing most as a Face of Farming & Ranching?
Getting in front of the millennial consumer who really wants to know more about their food, how it's raised and what we do on our #realpigfarming farm to provide a safe, secure and tasty pack of bacon!

What can you do to get more farmers to talk about what they do for a living?
As each generation continues to have more questions about where their food comes from, it becomes more important to tell our farm story. I hope to inspire the next generation of farmers to step outside of their comfort zones and tell their #myagstory to rebuild that trust with our consumers.

How can you bring a face to farming?
The amount of online search information is purely overwhelming. Nearly anyone can be considered an expert. I'm looking forward to being a resource of real farming knowledge for those making the food purchasing decisions, and also to helping answer questions about the meals they are putting on the table.

We’ve now introduced you to all five members of the second class of Faces of Farming & Ranching! If you missed any of our introductions over the past weeks, read about them in a few words here  and here, including what Erin Brenneman, Darrell Glaser, Jay Hill, and Carla Wardin have to say. Stay tuned for more from our second class of Faces of Farming & Ranching!