The debate over the safety of GM continues, and it’s no secret those on the opposing side are very passionate about the topic.

We often question why this has created such turmoil? Where did it all go wrong? Perhaps farmers and seed companies didn’t start off on the right foot explaining the technology and felt that consumers would automatically appreciate the advancements made without any consideration. Today, we realize this is not the case.

We believe there is science to show the safety of GM seeds and the crops they produce. We also believe they are safe for human and animal consumption. We fully support farmers who use seeds created through genetic engineering – just like we support farmers who choose to raise only organic food. After all, with a growing population and consumers preferences, all types of farmers and ranchers are important and necessary.

The one thing that we often struggle with is the lack of balance in today’s media regarding GMOs and even organic production. It’s hard to find a balanced story on GMOs, just like it’s hard to find a great story on organic that doesn’t have negative connotations towards conventional farming.

Bryan Walsh recently wrote an article on Time Magazine’s website regarding the debate over GMOs – or GMO as some would say. He makes a number of points for and against the use of genetic modification. All of which seem pretty fair.

Undoubtedly, farmers would whole-heartily agree with Bryan’s point regarding the need for more research on GMOs. Why? Not only would it help farmers continue to grow high-yielding, safe crops for consumers, but more than anything, it would provide the information consumers desire to have.

Walsh questions whether the debate and energy people use in the GMO argument (whether positive or negative) is just wasted, and perhaps there are bigger world issues we should all be focusing on. Is it wasted energy? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

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