Podcast Episode 040: The Truth About Dairy – Carla Wardin
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Carla Wardin and her husband Kris are dairy farmers in St. Johns, Michigan, where they milk 400 cows and raise corn and alfalfa to feed them.  Carla is also an agriculture representative for U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, which is a position that puts her in touch with consumers who have questions about how their food is produced. Carla has a master’s degree from MSU in English Literature and worked in corporate jobs and as an adjunct professor before deciding to become a dairy farmer nine years ago.

In this episode, Carla discusses the most common questions she gets about hormones and antibiotics in milk and shares information about dairy farming practices, including her own experiences on her Michigan dairy farm.

Here are the resources mentioned on the show: 

  1. Carla’s blog Truth or Dairy
  2. Carla on Twitter, Facebook , Instagram and U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance
  3. Melissa’s research article on rbST in the Journal of Nutrition Education
  4. More information on rbST from Elanco Animal Health: Truth About Dairy
  5. Farming and ranching information and resources from the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance

Note: After the interview I spoke with a representative from the National Milk Producers Federation and found that about 20% of the milk coming from farms in this country is sold in bottled form (so it’s considered fluid milk, or class I). Most of those products at the retail level have an absence claim on the label regarding rbST use, i.e. “no added hormones” or “our farmers pledge not to use synthetic hormones”. So if a farmer, and the  cooperative that handles and markets that farmer’s milk, wants to serve a milk bottling processor, they will usually have to agree not to use rbST (Posilac).

Disclosures: Melissa/Sound Bites has a partnership with USFRA and Carla is a USFRA ‘Face of Farming’
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