If you could ask a farmer any question, what would it be?

We’re excited to team up with Food52 - the fastest growing online food destination, described by New York Magazine as “Facebook meets Julia Child” - to help answer your questions about agriculture and the food you eat! For one day only, Thursday, August 20, 2015, Food52 will open an “Ask a Farmer Hotline” where you can ask any question that you have been curious about or would like clarification. The farming and agriculture topics include (but are not limited to!) GMOs, antibiotics and hormones, animal welfare, crop inputs like pesticides and fertilizers, and sustainability.

Through this hotline, USFRA will collect your questions and then take them out to the field, creating videos that answer as many of your questions as possible!

The Ask a Farmer hotline will only be open for one day, Thursday, August 20, but our partnership with Food52 continues in the months ahead with videos and articles that will highlight the topics you asked about, and farmers engaging in dialogue around those issues. We look forward to the ongoing discussion about the food we eat, how it is grown and brought to our tables, and what it is like to be a farmer in the 21st century.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 20, when you can ask a farmer anything at Food52. Follow us on Twitter at @USFRA and Food52 at @Food52 for the latest updates!