1,200 cows milked. 50,000 eggs gathered. 7,000 pigs taken care of. One day’s work for America’s farmers! U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance’s new “How To Farm” videos give you an up-close look at how four farmers tackle BIG jobs.

Hosted by blogger mom Kelly Snyder – “The Redefined Mom” – these videos share a few of the daily activities of farmers and ranchers across the nation who grow and raise our food. 

Kelly visited four Midwest farms to learn what happens every day – and why. The videos also highlight new technology used on farms and ranches today, and address common misconceptions about food production. 


How To Milk 1,200 Cows

Filmed with Brian Rexing at New Generation Dairy in Indiana

Most cows are milked two to three times per day with milking machines. The milk immediately runs through a cooling system and then on to a truck which leaves the farm in less than 24 hours.

Fact- the milk at Brian Rexing’s dairy farm is never touched by human hands. See how it’s done!


How To Care for 7,000 Pigs

Filmed with Art Braundmeier at The Maschhoffs in Illinois

It’s a full time job to make sure pigs have 24-hour access to food, fresh water and to keep their housing clean and cool. Watch how modern technology keeps thousands of pigs comfortable.

How To Use Trash to Help Crops Grow

Filmed on Len Corzine’s farm in Illinois

When farmers harvest their corn crop, shredded corn stalks are left behind. Farmers have learned that leaving this trash - or residue - on the field protects the soil by creating a blanket. This helps the soil rebuild vital nutrients and prevents runoff.


How To Gather 50,000 Eggs A Day

Filmed with Ron Campbell at Opal Foods in Missouri

What happens after a chicken lays an egg? See how thousands of eggs are gathered, packaged and kept cool on their journey to market.


If you have more questions about how your food is grown and raised, we encourage you to learn more and to meet other farmers and ranchers here.