With less than two weeks left to apply for USFRA’s Faces of Farming & Ranching program, part of your application includes a short video submission. In the video, you can explain your role on the farm or ranch and highlight how you’re being sustainable, technology-driven and continually improving.

If you’re nervous about submitting a video, there’s no need to worry! This video can be filmed with a smart phone, and does not have to be professionally produced. We’re just looking for authenticity and compelling storytelling.

What do I talk about? You can use the questions in the application to serve as a guide. Describe your operation, how you’ve adapted to being a smart farm, and why you think you would be an ideal Face of Farming & Ranching for USFRA.

How long should it be? Your video should be no longer than three minutes, and you can walk around your farm or ranch to show multiple aspects of the operation.

How do I submit my video? In the application is a field to include the YouTube link to your video. If you're experiencing technical difficulties sending us your video or uploading it to YouTube, email us at Faces@FoodDialogues.com.

Are there examples to reference? Included below are a couple links to the application videos of our current Faces of Farming & Ranching.

So if you’re proud of what you do, eager to share your story about how farmers and ranchers grow and raise their food, and are actively involved in talking to consumers about issues such as GMOs, antibiotics and crop inputs, you’re a perfect fit to be one of USFRA’s Faces of Farming & Ranching.

Apply now through Sunday, July 10 at www.FoodDialogues.com/Faces/Apply