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I met a “farm boy” from Nebraska at Dartmouth College, and then “married” into farming in 1996.  My husband is the third generation to farm in Nebraska and, prior to that, his family were Mennonite farmers in Ohio.  Our crop farm consists of approximately 5000 acres of alfalfa, corn, soy beans, and wheat.  Almost 2/3’s of those acres are devoted to alfalfa, and much of that is turned into animal feed pellets at Matt’s alfalfa dehydration plant.  In addition, we also have  600 acres of grass pasture and a cattle feed yard where we have close to 3000 cattle.


Matt and I are constantly looking for ways to improve the sustainability of our farm.  Our goal is to continually improve our environmental footprint, while also remaining devoted to quality care for our land and our animals.  Our feed yard is Progressive Beef certified.  As such, we are devoted to high standards in sustainability, animal welfare, and food safety measures on our farm.  We are audited several times per year to ensure that our daily farm care reflects the Progressive Beef standards for those three components (sustainability, animal welfare, and food safety).  Matt and I are blessed with three daughters who also play a role in our farm’s devotion to quality.


I have been involved in consumer outreach since 2008.  At that time, I began traveling around the country to speak to interested people about how I raise beef.  I also began blogging in 2011 in an effort to reach a broader audience.  My blog has increased the transparency of our farm, and allowed consumers to have a daily look inside both our farm and our family.  You can visit our blog site and sign up to follow our family’s adventures in food production!


Volunteer work:  Nebraska Beef Council director, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (animal welfare and consumer outreach efforts), National Beef Quality Assurance Advisory Group member, youth athletic coach (swimming, track), St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, Daughters of the King