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Chris and her husband Kevin are 5th generation farmers - farming with his parents and brother. They raise hogs, cattle, hay and row crops. It is a 1,500 sow farrow-to-finish farm and it has a 60-head cow-calf operation as well.

Continuous Improvement Efforts 

“We have moved our animals off dirt lots to better protect our environment and improve water quality. Our hog barns are climate controlled to ensure our hogs are content and comfortable at all times. We have a CNMP (Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan) as well as an Environmental Management System in place to protect our soil and air on our farm. When we land apply our manure we inject it into the soil to ensure we get the best value out of the natural fertilizer and no run-off occurs. We test our land and manure for nutrient value before we apply it.”

How I’ve Told My Story 

“I have a YouTube video that allows people to see inside our hogbarns. I also use Facebook and Twitter to connect with people outside of agriculture. I have a blog about our farm as well to talk about what life is like for us on the farm. I give speeches to several area FFA chapters to encourage the kids to teach out to their friends and neighbors and share their knowledge of agriculture. I also have spoken to civic clubs about our farm as well.”


Missouri Farm Bureau State Board Member, Shelby County Farm Bureau Board Member & Board Secretary, Missouri Pork Association, American Farm Bureau