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Daphne and her husband, Lloyd, are 4th generation farmers. Lloyd and Daphne Holterman along with their two daughters and co-owners Tim Strobel and Jordan Mathews, operate a dairy farm, Rosy-Lane Holsteins LLC, and raise corn for silage and alfalfa hay on 1,600 acres. In 1981, they started farming with Lloyd’s parents and milked about 80 cows.  Today, they own more than 500 acres and have a young partner who manages crops.  They milk more than 800 cows and sell milk (made into cheese) as well as Holstein genetics around the world.

Continuous Improvement:

“Each barn we build maximizes cow comfort and with each new building, a better design improves our ability to do so.  Our cross-ventilated barn built in 2007 was one of the first in Wisconsin.  We use well water at 55 degrees to cool milk and heat exchange ‘warms’ water slightly, which the cows drink.  Water is re-used three times in the milking parlor to clean.  We select for genetic traits that give us healthier cows.  Breeding and specific management practices help us produce higher quality milk.  And we make about 20% more milk from one pound feed than state average.”

How I’ve Told My Story:

“I have joined Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce and hosted chamber events on the farm and I speak to this group annually.  I have been a guest on Wis. Public Radio, along with daughter Taylor.  We host farm tours for schools, urban groups & organizations.  I wear Rosy-Lane attire in town and you would be surprised how many questions I get, just from wearing this.  I have written guest editorials and letters to editor in the past.  I communicate to local elected officials and others with post card mailings 3-4 times a year with Jefferson County Animal Agriculture Alliance.”


Jefferson County Agribusiness Club, active member; Jefferson County Animal Agriculture Alliance, treasurer; Wis. Outstanding Young Farmer volunteer coordinator; Association of Women in Agriculture at UW-Madison, active alumni, Professional Dairy Producers