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My Story

In 2006, I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and became the 7th generation to return home to help my father farm a 2,800 acre corn and soybean operation in east-central Nebraska. Over the last 11 years, we have improved efficiency and successfully doubled the size of our operation; now producing corn and soybean on 2,800 acres. In 2008 we had the opportunity to partner with a neighboring 11,000 head dairy to utilize nutrients through pivot and land based applications. This fertilizer source has allowed us to greatly reduce costs while building better soils. Our operation is constantly striving to find better and more efficient ways of producing a high quality corn and soybean crop.

How We’re SMART Farming Today

We have taken great steps towards being classified as a “smart farm”, however the technology is ever evolving and we will continually try and be on the cutting edge. Like most farmers today, we have transitioned to GPS controlled tractors and implements.  These advances have allowed us to increase the efficiency and precision of seed placement, seeding variability, as well as greater accuracy when applying herbicides and pesticides.  We have also invested in soil moisture probes to help us manage our irrigation systems.  We understand that water is our most precious resource and we need to be better stewards of it.  These moisture sensors help us reduce water use, while increasing the efficiency of irrigation.  

How I've Told My Story

Telling agriculture’s story to people outside of agriculture has been a mission of mine since returning back to the farm in 2006.  I quickly became involved in the Nebraska Soybean Association, where I took on many different leadership roles.  Also, my family has always been very involved in lining up ag tours for school groups and international travel groups. We have taken an active role in providing tours of our farm, the neighboring 11,000 head dairy, as well as ag related industries in nearby communities.  My father and I take great pride in what we do for a living and enjoy relaying our passion for agriculture to the community.


Nebraska Soybean Association, American Soybean Association, Nebraska Farm Bureau, Nebraska Corn Growers Association, Nebraska Soybean Board