Nilsen Farms is a contract turkey grower in California. The ranch was established in 1983 by Tim’s father Norm and has been continually evolving over the years to become one of the most state-of-the-art poultry facilities in the U.S.  They have been named “Grower of the Year” from their major customer for seven years straight.  With the implementation of modern technology, Nilsen Farms is able to monitor the conditions for the birds automatically and continuously.

Continuous Improvement:

“Our water consumption has decreased with the implementation of a modern ventilation system which uses evaporative cooling to chill the birds in the heat of summer. This decreases the need for fogging machines to keep the birds comfortable and reduces the water consumption for the birds as they are never heat stressed.  During this retrofit, we ran a new 3-phase electrical system, which is much more energy efficient with the ventilation fans and feed motors.  We have also developed photovoltaic systems on all of our operations to produce solar power to reduce our electrical demands.”

How I’ve Told My Story:

“I have participated in the (USFRA) Food Dialogues in L.A. to talk about the use of modern technology with today's farming and ranching practices. I was featured in a mini documentary on the USFRA's website which showcased our operation and highlighted our strategy of ‘thinking outside of the box’. I am continually telling my story in general conversation when I meet people.  Most people are fascinated with what I do and genuinely want to learn about where their food comes from.”


CA Poultry Federation- board member, Sacramento County Farm Bureau, board member